Select Solutions is a great place to start or continue your career.

As an essential service provider, we have fantastic opportunities across highly diverse roles. As well as great careers, there is also a wide range of rewards and benefits that you receive as a Select Solutions employee.

Current Opportunities

Select Solutions has created a culture that is United, Trusted & Dynamic

We are creating and maintaining a work environment where our people:

  • Are engaged and feel connected to the business vision and direction
  • Understand that their daily efforts contribute to Select Solutions’ business outcomes
  • Optimise opportunities to delight our customers through service delivery and being involved in an ever growing, quickly developing business
  • Feel valued, want to be advocates for our brand and are happy to apply extra discretionary effort when required
  • Are switched on and motivated to participate in playing their part in striving for optimal results

We have chosen three broad trademarks and areas of behaviour for which we are known by.

United: Sharing information, advocating for all of our business.
Trusted: Honest in all our dealings, saying what we mean, being reliable.
Dynamic: Showing passion and tenacity, taking opportunities and being results orientated.

When Select Solutions was formed it was recognised that as so many of our services required human input, the achievement of high levels of employee engagement would become a major source of our success and competitiveness in the market place.

Select Solutions set out to create a business with a prime objective of building a highly engaged service delivery culture that would have a positive direct flow on to the levels of our customers’ satisfaction. This would also act as a powerful source of retention for our staff and attract wide interest for others to join our growth journey.

We have been focused on building high levels of employee engagement and are currently rated amongst the top performing companies in the external Aon Hewitt Employee Engagement Survey for Australia and New Zealand. Select Solutions has participated in this survey for the past 5 years. In the 2014 survey, Select Solutions was awarded accreditation as a ‘Best Employer’ for 2014. With an overall employee engagement score of 80%, Select Solutions is now assessed as being top quartile in 4 Talent Management indexes.

Select Solutions continue to review our employee survey feedback and strive to achieve even greater levels of employee engagement. Apart from being an enjoyable place to work, there are many advantages to having high numbers of employees saying good things about our business, wanting to stay, to contribute to its further success and striving to give their best performance for the customer.

Other key measures around our employee engagement includes staff turnover. Select Solutions enjoys relatively low annual voluntary turnover of around 5%. We are proud to have talented and high-calibre professional and field staff seeking opportunities to join our team.