Select Solutions continues expansion into water market

Sep14 Under the new business arrangements, Schultz Plumbing will become part of the wider Select Solutions business that will see both companies become a leading service provider for water retailers and customers across Australia. In addition, former Managing Director David Schultz will play an active role through the integration process and continue to support growth opportunities with Select Solutions.

Select Solutions' General Manager John Kelso, said the deal was the start of an exciting future for both companies, sighting the strategy, knowledge and experience of each business as the driving force in expanding into the water market. "We see Select Solutions' strong technical skills in data management and utility experience combined with Schultz's strong industry relationships and expertise in operational management as a union that delivers far-reaching excellence for all our customers."

"In combining Schultz together with our existing operations, we have created a stronger business with significantly more scale and scope to extend our service offerings interstate." Through the integration of Schultz, a wider range of services are now offered by Select Solutions including water meter reading, new connections, replacement and maintenance services and other niche asset services for the water industry sector.

Mr Kelso said the larger Select Solutions team now had the capacity to add even greater value to customers, with a wider range of enhanced offerings, today and well into the future.
Select Solutions put to the test

Aug31 Select Solutions has continued its interstate expansion, with the recent award of a new HV testing contract with TransGrid in NSW.

Select Solutions' Business Manager for Technical Solutions Scott Moffat said this is a fantastic win for our group and this contract will form the foundation for future electrical works in NSW.

"The contract is for the routine HV electrical testing for all of TransGrid's transmission assets in NSW for a period of two years, with the option to extend for another two," Scott said.

TransGrid is the owner and operator of the NSW electricity transmission network including 12,609 kilometres of high voltage transmission lines and underground cables, along with 91 substations.

Scott said this success positions us well in the market for NSW as TransGrid is viewed as a leader in the selection and delivery of specialised testing services.

"It will also favourably position Select Solutions to be awarded the complementary testing works associated with TransGrid's capital works program, which is currently outsourced to a variety of construction and maintenance companies," Scott said. "This contract will allow us to mobilise significant local resources and equipment with a view of doubling our existing Condition Monitoring team."
The chemical element of Select Solutions

Aug13 Select Technical Solutions' Chemical Services group is celebrating the successful tender for the Singapore Power Transformer Oil Testing Contract, which has been awarded for another three years.

Select Technical Solutions' Chemical Services Manager Mark Stewart said this is the third consecutive contract where Select Technical Solutions has been the lead consultant.

"Each renewal sees our share of the work increase, with this specific contract securing at least $2 million in external revenue," Mark said. "The tendering process has involved a lot of hard work with strong competition from Asian based laboratories, but we were confident our high quality services and technical systems would result in success."

As part of the contract, it is anticipated up to 5,000 transformer oil samples will come through the Yarraville laboratory each year.

Mark said the samples are taken from transformers and infrastructure in the terminal stations in Singapore, where the entire network is underground, and sent to Yarraville for testing, analysis and data management.

"The innovation around new systems required to manage such a large contract has helped us become more efficient and improve our services, making Select Technical Solutions more competitive in local and international markets," Mark said.
Select Solutions and Dwyer Aviation Services partner in delivering innovative Aerial Asset Inspection program to Ergon Energy

Jul20 Dwyer Aviation Services, a well known and reputable Townsville based Helicopter operator, and Select Solutions (a division of SP AusNet) a service provider of end-to-end asset inspection services, have partnered to provide an innovative aerial asset inspection program to Ergon Energy.

Late March 2010, the Mackay region was hit by Cyclone Ului which flattened cane paddocks, generated floods, uprooted trees and left about 55,000 customers across the region without power. Ergon Energy suffered significant impact on its network assets. Post cyclone Ului, Ergon implemented a detailed inspection of the overhead assets to identify structural and asset defects that require maintanence or replacement before potential risk of failure.

As part of this program, Dwyer Aviation Services and Select Solutions were awarded the contract to provide detailed inspection of all overhead assets in rural areas from Proserpine to Sarina where the network has been impacted by the cyclonic winds. Where it is safe to fly, all structures and conductor in the area will be assessed.

"Our detailed helicopter asset inspection solution is an innovative integration of leading edge navigational equipment, in-flight mapping systems and high resolution camera equipment. The set up allows us to patrol at safe altitudes in excess of 400ft, removing the risk of wire strikes associated with traditional powerline patrol methods" stated Matt Peters, Select Utility Solutions Business Manager.

Dwyer Aviation Services, a local operator with extensive experience in patroling Ergon power lines, will be utilising two helicopters to complete this project. Over the ten week program more than 48,000 electricity poles and 5,000 km of powerlines will be patrolled, capturing over 150,000 images and 4 Terrabytes of data for assessment.
Select Solutions spreads its wings into New South Wales and wins major Delta Electricity contract

Jul19 Select Solutions through its Technical Solutions team has recently made great strides towards full mobilisation into New South Wales being the successful tenderer for the Delta Electricity period contract which involves high voltage testing and condition monitoring services.

To capitalise on this opportunity Select Solutions is in the process of mobilising the next phase of external growth through the establishment of a local presence in NSW with a new operations centre for the HV Testing & Condition Monitoring group.

"We will be looking to leverage of our key strengths and extensive experience, know-how and strong reputation. Our rich history in high voltage testing and condition monitoring services are well regarded in the industry. With the right team and resources in place we will be well positioned to make our mark and build a successful business supporting our clients in NSW" stated Scott Moffat, Business Manager Select Technical Solutions.

With a local office, resources and test equipment Select Solutions will be in a position to offer a wider range of specialist testing and condition monitoring services for its NSW clients. "The Delta Electricity contract is a major coup for Select Solutions and demonstrates our commitment to growing our presence" said Glenn D'Costa, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Select Solutions.

"This is the first time Delta Electricity have changed service providers and it truly reflects the depth and quality of the service we provide. This is a solid foundation for the business to build upon, and we look forward to further establishing our presence in this market" Glenn said.

The Select Solutions team have already made significant inroads in creating awareness of the Select brand and capabilities within NSW. Engaging with the Generation, Transmission and Distribution clients has confirmed the strong need for additional service providers.
Select Solutions uses laser technology to capture asset data

Jul08 Select Solutions, a division of Victorian energy provider SP AusNet, is utilising laser technology to map out the physical terrain and vegetation profile surrounding electricity infrastructure.

Select Solutions' Robert Frattaroli said Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) technology enabled hundreds of kilometers of powerlines and easements to be mapped and assessed very quickly.

"Lidar is being used to undertake surveying of SP AusNet's electricity transmission network for the purposes of assessing clearances between powerlines and nearby vegetation. Using a fixed wing aircraft, we were able to survey 770km of transmission lines within a couple of days with the data being made available to our engineers for further analysis within a week."

Utility companies are able to utilise Lidar to assist with their planning, engineering and vegetation management activities. Lidar equipment, which requires specialist operators, can be fitted to helicopters, fixed wing aircraft or ground based vehicles, each with their respective applications and benefits.

The uptake of Lidar in the utilities sector is expected to pick up in future as the technology becomes further accepted as a fast, accurate, convenient and cost effective way to capture and analyse network asset data against its surrounding environment.
Innovative use of drones proves an asset to inspections

Jun16 Select Solutions has continued the company's use of innovative technology within the utilities industry by completing the first stage of SP AusNet's annual inspection and maintenance program with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones). General Manager of Select Solutions John Kelso said the drones had allowed the inspection program to progress in leaps and bounds, with more assets inspected as well as a higher level of accuracy in detecting potential faults.

The inspection and maintenance program was formerly kicked off in April. Select Solutions, in conjunction with Aerial Photography Specialists (APS), has introduced the drones to assist with inspecting over 60,000 powerpoles across SP AusNet's electricity distribution network over the next twelve months.

The drones are battery powered, automatically GPS stabilised and controlled, and operate in a similar way to a radiocontrolled helicopter. Made of carbon fibre, they are capable of capturing high-resolution images as well as video footage of assets in areas that often pose risks to asset inspectors. Select Solutions will be utilising two specially modified models of drones; the MD4-1000, with greater stability, bigger camera systems and flight times of 25-70 minutes; and the MD4-200, a miniaturised version suitable for confined area and close proximity work. The Microdrone systems are recognised globally as the safest and most advanced quadcopter drones available.

APS spokesperson Paul Martin said "The MD4-200 and MD4-1000 have been in development for over six years with an impeccable safety and performance record. They have revolutionised the unmanned aerial vehicle market and will continue to become a more comely used tool. The drones can be fitted with high-resolution digital cameras, HD video, Thermal and UV cameras and can transmit a live video signal down to the base station, allowing for real time inspections to be done."
Select Technical Solutions welcomes the latest in mobile high power transformer testing

May24 Select Technical Solutions has taken receipt of Australia's first mobile high power transformer testing unit, equipment that will revolutionise electricity asset field based testing.

Select Technical Solutions' Condition Monitoring Manager Russell Wheatland said the $2.2M testing unit was the only one of its kind in Australia, having been imported from Germany.

"Everything we need to conduct selected high power and high voltage testing is now contained in a 12 metre container which can be transported anywhere in Australia" Mr Wheatland said.

"This ability to conduct high power tests in the field will save energy companies valuable time and resources, something that essentially is a major benefit to both the businesses and the customers."

The testing equipment is designed to prove the insulation integrity and basic performance parameters of electrical transformers. From the Extra High Voltage transmission system down to an electricity sub-station, transformers play the vital role of changing the voltage to levels safe for use in homes.

The mobile unit is capable of undertaking a number of specialised tests on transformers rated up to 500kV and 600MVA, which could only previously be completed in a laboratory with a suite of expensive test equipment. Using the mobile unit we are able to undertake some of these tests on site, saving considerable time and costs involved in transporting transformers back to the manufacturer's works for testing and eliminating the risk of asset failure during transport.

The mobile unit is primarily used for over-voltage induced tests (including Partial Discharge detection), load and no-load loss measurements and, given the correct reactive compensation unit, can supply the continuous power required for on-site temperature rise tests. These are critical to ensure the efficient operation of electrical assets.
Select Solutions show off their wares at Field Days

May10 On 5 and 6 May Select Solutions attended and exhibited at the Energy Australia Electricity Supply Industry Field Days in Sydney.

The event attracts around 3,000 representatives from the electricity supply industry, health and safety organisations, rail, mining, heavy industry and other sectors. The two-day program consisted of demonstrations, seminars, an exhibition, hands-on activities, and team-based competitions.

There were around 70 exhibitors at the Field Days, showcasing tools and equipment, safety-related goods and services, work/life balance products and other services.

Select Solutions were proud to exhibit and promote their asset inspection and technical services to the interested crowd, featuring the innovative unmanned aerial vehicle (or drone) and non-invasive testing services.