Our Safety Performance

Select Solutions is committed to minimising the risks associated with the work our organisation undertakes. This commitment is not something we simply pay lip service to, but an ongoing initiative to provide an accident free and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors and clients.

At the heart of our health and safety philosophy is the simple belief that all incidents are preventable.

Utilising an integrated approach to safety, we understand that everyone at Select Solutions is responsible for maintaining a safe working environment. This shared responsibility ethos is spear headed by our leadership team and is continually communicated throughout our organisation and supported by our behaviour based safety awareness campaign.

To ensure our goal of “zero injuries” we have committed to :

  • Promoting high standards of health and safety throughout the organisation, striving for continuous improvement using benchmarking and review processes.
  • Providing a system for the investigation and reporting of instances. Ensuring that all health and safety incidents are followed-up and actions are implemented to prevent any reoccurrence.
  • Promoting a culture of co-operation and open communication, in which every opportunity is taken to learn from actual and potential failures of the health and safety systems.
  • Providing effective staff training and development, recognising that individuals have responsibilities for ensuring the safety of themselves and others. This contributes to the delivery of high standards and continuous improvement in health and safety.
  • Maintaining a clearly documented health and safety management system to deliver our policy and carry out regular reviews to test the system’s effectiveness, enabling our performance to be benchmarked and improved through experience.

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