Thermal Testing Applications

Using high resolution, non-destructive thermographic equipment, we are able to provide a quick and cost effective diagnostic. Applications include the following:

Electrical Circuits

Select Technical Solutions can locate hot spots in switchboards which can cause serious problems, faulty connections and load imbalances and rectify the fault before costly downtime.

Electrical Motors

Thermal cameras can check bearings, windings and overloaded motors instantly whilst in full operation.

Power Stations

Power Stations are the source of our power supply. One failed connection can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue and customer claims.

Overhead Cables

High resistance connections can fail leading to high voltage power falling which is an extreme safety hazard. Downtime is costly to your customers and your company.

Kiln Refractories

Thermal images can verify lining deterioration and cracking to help monitor life span and maintenance scheduling.

Vessel Content Levels

Levels of contents can be monitored and verified within moments.

Cool Rooms

Thermal camera looking at both heat and cold can check heaters around doorways to ensure they don't freeze over.

Process Controls

Thermal testing can pick up difficult to find faults on circuitry.


Worn, misaligned bearings cause increased friction and heat reducing efficiency leading to equipment failure.

Piping Systems

Thermal testing can locate blockages and leaks quickly and without needing to shut down (or use nasty chemicals).


Increase efficiency and reduce bills by checking all joints, seals and insulation for heat loss. Thermal testing is non invasive and non destructive.


By ensuring all joints are sealed and insulated properly you save thousands of dollars by increasing the efficiency of your insulation and reducing your compressor run times.

Lighting Systems

One of the most common causes of electrical fires is overheating lighting systems. Thermal Testing checks ballast, connections and terminations.

Our Thermal Testing Solutions

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