EXHIBITOR PROFILE: Asset management specialist Geomatic Technologies looks to have both hardware and software on display next week at the AusRAIL conference and exhibition in Melbourne.

Having exhibited at AusRAIL for over a decade, GT business manager Dave Presley told Rail Express the business is happy to be exhibiting just a kilometre away from its Southbank office this year.

“We will have technicians and project managers rotating through our stand and some of our more mobile systems will be there for customers to see,” Presley said.

“We’re fortunate in that while hardware is always of interest, a lot of our deliverables are in the form of information so together with some laser and camera equipment we will be online and showcasing products/services through some of our cloud-hosted applications.”

GT offers services like track alignment surveys, corridor asset mapping and laser clearance surveys, and has been has working in the Australian rail sector for around 20 years, providing its first track centreline mapping campaigns in Victoria and New South Wales to underpin new driver training software and simulation programs.

“Even those early projects employed camera, GPS and inertial sensors to help us recreate a track alignment,” Presley explained.

“But these days the level of equipment and processing sophistication has changed considerably of course … technology is moving very quickly and the basic laser systems we were deploying on locomotive and hy-rail systems a decade ago are becoming obsolete when compared to the speed and accuracy of new lasers we are mobilising; both on track vehicles and aircraft.”

GT’s customer base in Australia recently allowed it to purchase a tri-gauge hy-rail truck, Presley said.

As well as making experts available throughout the week in the exhibition, Presley said the company will also be presenting on day one of the AusRAIL conference.

“We are giving a presentation on the first day that covers a major network-wide clearance audit we completed in Philadelphia this year.” GT’s presentation, ‘Doing it smarter in the USA (with Australian technology)’, is scheduled for 2.30pm on Tuesday, November 24 during the RTSA stream at the AusRAIL conference.

Geomatic Technologies will be at Stand 633 at AusRAIL PLUS 2015, in Melbourne from November 24 to 26.

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