Select Solutions is pleased to announce a partnership with Greensense to provide customers with an innovative Utility Management Platform.

The new Utility Management Platform will give customers greater insight into their energy, water and waste and provide them a suite of user friendly tools to help save money and reduce their environmental footprint.

Founded in 2008, Greensense are a Gartner Cool Vendor and recognised leader in cloud-based energy and sustainability reporting.

Select Solutions is one of the largest metering services providers in Australia with more than 24,000 Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers, 6,000 embedded network customers and 1,500 water customers across Australia today.

The new Utility Management Platform includes all utilities (electricity, solar, gas, water and waste) and will be available to view on mobile and tablet in simple and intuitive dashboards.

It includes a range of configurable alerts to manage areas such as peak demand, unusual usage patterns and water leaks.

The Utility Management Platform also helps customers to verify their utility bills, manage budgets and produce accurate valuable financial forecasts.

Customers will benefit from a much greater insight into their utilities and be able to produce and track energy saving initiatives.

The Select Solutions Utility Management Platform is currently under development and we look forward to engaging our valued customers and announcing its launch early in 2016.

For further information contact

Ashley Rogers
Business Development Manager – Metering Solutions
0400 817 411