The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) deployment project to exchange AusNet Services’ WiMAX enabled meters with RF Mesh communications infrastructure has now passed the half-way point including:

  • Onboarding of 93 people to the field team, 7 people in despatch/management and 4 in logistics (along with the logistics, training, equipment, PPE, vehicles and procedures to support this);
  • Installation of more than 173,000 communication cards, which allow meters to send their data remotely and allow remote services to meters; and
  • Ongoing support for business as usual operations.

Select Solutions is working with Silver Spring Networks, who are the mesh communications vendor for the metering program. RF Mesh is the communications infrastructure being rolled out in addition to the existing WiMAX communication infrastructure already in place. According to Silver Spring Networks, Select Solutions is “delivering the fastest ever rollout of mesh”.

With just 100,000 communication cards left to be installed, Select Solutions is now tracking ahead of the November 2016 deadline.