Select Solutions is proud to be named one of Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2016 by acclaimed publication Australian Financial Review (AFR).

Ranked at number 39, Select Solutions was chosen from over 1,000 entries by Australia’s leading innovation consultancy, Inventium.  “Innovativeness” was evaluated by a panel of industry experts using rigorous research looking at both quantitative and qualitative data assessing uniqueness of the idea, how well the idea addresses the problem being solved and clear evidence of the impact the idea has made.

Select Solutions’ Program Director of Solutions Development, Simon Priest said: “We are thrilled our commitment to innovation has been recognised by the AFR as innovation is at the heart of our business.  Making the top 50 is a fantastic validation of our efforts to improve the way we do business and meet the needs of our customers”.

“New data technologies, management practices and models present far-reaching opportunities for efficiency, productivity and improved services and safety. It’s exciting for us to work with network operators who can see how our approach can help bring value to their customers and stakeholders. We believe a large part of our fast and sustainable growth over the past few years is due to the fact that we empower our people to nurture new, and at times, unconventional ideas.” Priest said.

Select Solutions’ Brand and Marketing Manager Caroline Taylor said “We’ve got a proven framework in place to channel that energy and thinking in productive ways—ways that bring immediate and sustainable value to our customers.”

“With so much change ahead, both here in Australia and world-wide, you can’t afford to just respond. We believe you have to lead. You have to give customers solutions. You have to continually innovate” said Taylor.



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About Select Solutions

Select Solutions specialises in metering and asset intelligence solutions for clients in the electricity, gas, water, telecommunications and rail industries. Our innovative solutions in end-to-end management of meters and metering data assist all organisations, whether they operate large infrastructure networks or across multiple sites.Geomatic Technologies, our technology business, tailors spatial and mobility solutions for clients to provide them with accurate, comprehensive and timely intelligence about the location, condition and performance of large network assets, such as poles and wires in the electricity industry, pipes in the gas and water industries, tracks in the rail industry and many more.

Everything we do is underpinned by a commitment to employee and community safety.

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