GPS Program

Select Solutions takes on the challenge of mapping ‘Unable to Locate’ assets in a regional water authority area with several thousand water meters that staff and contractors are consistently unable to locate.

Gippsland Water - GPS Program

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High Voltage Testing

Select Solutions took on the challenge of high voltage testing at the Huntingwood Zone Substation in Blackwood. The task was successfully completed through the practised use of our specialised condition monitoring equipment.

Huntingwood Zone Substation High Voltage Testing

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Jemena is an energy infrastructure and asset management company that owns and manages gas network infrastructure in New South Wales, and gas and electricity infrastructure in Victoria.

Jemena - Gas Testing Services

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The Transitional Feed-In Tariff (TFIT) scheme was a Government endorsed program that saw customers incentivised by way of per-kilowatt credits for installing their own renewable energy systems.

TFIT Scheme

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Westfield Group

Select Solutions were awarded the Contestable Metering Contract to install electricity meters and provide ongoing Meter and Meter Data Services (MP/MDP). With Westfield’s unique energy data requirements and all installations required in a short timeframe, Select Solutions’ teams worked together to implement useful, tailored solutions.

Contestable Metering for Westfield Group

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