Gippsland Water - GPS Program

Select Solutions takes on the challenge of mapping ‘Unable to Locate’ assets in a regional water authority area with several thousand water meters that staff and contractors are consistently unable to locate.

The Gippsland Water distribution network services a population of about 140,000 people across Central Gippsland in Victoria. With approximately 64,000 residential, commercial and major industrial connections including the dairy, energy, and pulp and paper industries, many of the water meters are in positions that are difficult to locate. As a long term service provider to Gippsland Water, Select Solutions has the detailed knowledge of where all the meters can be found. Being ideally positioned to assist Gippsland Water, Select Solutions are assisting in high accuracy GPS mapping to aid Gippsland Water’s internal staff and other contractors to quickly and efficiently locate the assets.

Using the latest “Sub-Meter Accuracy” GPS positioning technology, Select Solutions have undertaken a project to provide Gippsland Water with data co-ordinates for 4,500 of their most difficult to locate sites.

The initiative, which is currently underway, is on track to be completed within the customer’s 12-month project timeframe.

Select Solutions’ knowledge and expertise will provide Gippsland Water with a resolution that will improve efficiency and safety for their business and all their contractors.