Huntingwood Zone Substation High Voltage Testing

Select Solutions took on the challenge of high voltage testing at the Huntingwood Zone Substation in Blackwood. The task was successfully completed through the practised use of our specialised condition monitoring equipment.

To improve the safety and reliability of the electricity supply to the local community in Blacktown, there was a need to establish a secure 132KV electricity line between Black Town Transmission and Huntingwood Zone Substation.  Powercor Network Services engaged Select Solutions to carry out this work.

Select Solutions deployed a team of highly trained and experienced engineers from its branches in Sydney and Melbourne to undertake high voltage testing on various HV assets such as:

  • 2x 132/11kV, 45MVA transformers
  • 1x 11/0.415kV 500kVA auxiliary transformer
  • 5x 132kV circuit breakers
  • 6x 132kV voltage transformers
  • 12x 132kV disconnectors and earth switches
  • 1x 132kV outdoor HV busbar
  • 12x 132kV surge arresters
  • 1x 11kV main switch board and auxiliary switch boards
  • 6x 132kV feeder cables
  • 29x 11kV cables


Prior to commencing the task, the engineers took several precautionary measures that ensured all the test objects were kept away from the electrical supply and advised other contractors to stay away from the work site. Powercor Network Services issued all the required electrical permits and the engineers carried out job assessment checks daily to avoid the possible risk of electrocution.

Select Solutions carried out the task in accordance to their Safe Work Method Statement and through specialised equipment that included a High Power Transformer Test Unit, Omicron CPC 100, Omicron DIRANA and Haefely 300kV Test Unit.

With the use of such specialised equipment and skilled engineers, it is no wonder that Select Solutions carried out the task successfully, causing zero injuries to all the parties involved.