Jemena - Gas Testing Services

Jemena is an energy infrastructure and asset management company that owns and manages gas network infrastructure in New South Wales, and gas and electricity infrastructure in Victoria.

Across NSW Jemena delivers natural gas to more than 1 million homes and businesses. During the past 2 years Select Solutions commenced the provision of a number of services to Jemena in its pursuit of safe delivery of natural gas to its customers and to maintain the integrity of its gas network.

Activities undertaken by Select Solutions as part of the contract include:

  • Network components testing
  • Materials, plastics and field failure testing
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Odorant Monitoring and Surveying
  • Gas Analysis
  • Technical Investigations
  • Industrial Appliances (Type B) Certification
  • Meter Asset Performance and Technical Expertise Services
  • Meter Procurement
  • Supply Chain Services
  • Meter Delivery, Replacement, Inspection and Tracking
  • Meter Reading & Management
  • Meter Testing & Refurbishment

Select Solutions has specialised skills and expertise to assist Jemena in their pursuit of maintaining a reliable and sound gas distribution network. We have been able to meet the requirements and targets within specified time frames. All reports and certificates have been issued on time.

Having provided gas network services to network operators and owners over the past few decades, we have built a sound expertise to meet Jemena’s requirements and provide answers as well as solutions.