TFIT Scheme

The Transitional Feed-In Tariff (TFIT) scheme was a Government endorsed program that saw customers incentivised by way of per-kilowatt credits for installing their own renewable energy systems.

To be eligible for this program, new customers were required to have their meter exchanged and solar panels installed prior to the scheme close date. Select Solutions’ New Connections team was responsible for managing this program on behalf of Jemena and United Energy distribution networks.

Select Solutions’ role for this scheme was to ensure the effective end-to-end management of the program and to facilitate the actioning of service orders received from end use customers.

This included but was not limited to:

  • Accepting or rejecting orders in our customer management system
  • Matching paperwork and service orders ensuring all documents meet regulation requirements
  • Facilitating in the exchange of an AMI smart meter where applicable by raising a work order for the crews to complete work
  • The raising of a meter reconfiguration service order for the appropriate team to reprogram the new meter to read solar
  • Data entry to complete the response to the customer and set the appropriate tariff

The main challenges during the TFIT period were the volumes of orders received and the various IT system issues incurred. The volumes of orders could be managed via the utilisation of additional resources and implementation of organisational techniques.

The IT system issues presented a more complex challenge. Select worked to mitigate these issues with regular monitoring and reporting. This, in turn, enabled any errors to be identified quickly and allowed for immediate follow up and resolution.

Both Jemena and United Energy will attest to Select Solutions’ competency in managing this complex and challenging program. The sheer volumes of orders received, complexity of processing particular items and the challenges associated with regular system constraints all demonstrate Select Solutions’ capacity to respond to and exceed expectations with regard to large scale customer programs.