Select Solutions is Australia's leading specialist provider of metering, data and asset management solutions in the electricity, gas, water and telecommunications industries.

Our services areas

Asset Intelligence:  Services which give you insight into the condition and performance of your assets

Metering Solutions: End-to-end management of meters and data or a selection tailored to meet your specific metering needs

Select Solutions prides itself on innovation and setting the standard for the industry. We use leading edge technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of traditional utility services. Through our technology business partner, Geomatic Technologies, we use spatial and mobility solutions to power our services, and give you meaningful and easy to access intelligence about your assets.

Everything we do is underpinned by a focus on safety and quality. We have robust management systems in place which are independently certified to Australian and international standards, for your peace of mind.

Select Solutions operates in specialised divisions and teams using qualified and experienced personnel.  We have over 500 employees across Australia, providing us with a depth of resources and wide-ranging experience.

The methodologies behind each of the services we perform have been developed and refined with consideration for current regulations, industry best-practice standards, and focus on safety, to ensure compliance and consistent performance outcomes for our clients.