Geomatic Technologies Successfully Flies UAV Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Posted on 01.12.2016

Asset inspection industry leader Geomatic Technologies has successfully undertaken its first Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) UAV trial flight, after an extensive period of close consultation with CASA to obtain the necessary permissions to undertake BVLOS flights over infrastructure easements in semi-urban areas.

Expert Q&A on UAVs with Gary Butcher

Posted on 24.06.2016

UAVs are changing the way network assets are inspected in the electricity and water industries. We talk to Gary Butcher, Select Solutions’ Innovation & Capability Manager, to get the low-down on the high-up perspective UAVs are providing.

$3.5 million in estimated data maintenance savings

Posted on 24.06.2016

The mission statement: zero interruptions during transition. The result: $3.5 million in estimated savings and AusNet Services employees wondering when the transition would begin.

Select Solutions continues to help schools save water

Posted on 24.06.2016

Select Solutions provides the electricity meter and digital water meter services for the Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP), crucial to water and cost savings. Now we are also the proud sponsor of the 2016 SWEP Short Film Competition.

Corrosion protection systems for essential services

Posted on 18.01.2016

As a population, Australians are critically dependent on the pipelines that deliver essential services to our homes and businesses. Pipeline owners need to be vigilant in protecting their assets from corrosion - here we take a look at some of the common methods for protecting these vital pieces of infrastructure.