Select Solutions has made a substantial investment in its testing laboratory and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our domestic and commercial gas appliances undergo the extensive testing required to meet Australian and International standards. Our accreditation scope spans performance testing across gas appliances, gas components and the calibration of instruments.

Additionally, we are proud to offer energy product development and efficiency testing, through all stages of the product development cycle. “Select Solutions are 1 of 4 major laboratories in Australia providing gas appliance testing services. We work with gas certification service providers such as The Australian Gas Association to assist the customer in obtaining gas certification approval for their appliance.”

Speak to us today about how we can work with you to develop your products and guide you through the approval process for your gas appliances and components.

Type B Appliance Approval Services

Select Solutions has been authorized by Fair Trading NSW to certify Type B appliances. Select Solutions is able to process, evaluate & certify your gas appliance to ensure its safe operation when connected to a gas source.

Certification of your gas appliance means that the appliance meets essential safety requirements, safe utilization of natural gas and gas utilization practices to meet regulatory compliance.