Installation, Maintenance & Testing

In delivering metering works programmes, Select Solutions has developed a robust and scalable service delivery model.  Our proven capability to combine multiple meter activities provides the necessary economies of scale required to produce effective and efficient programmes.  Select Solutions has also developed a project delivery culture, including leveraging AusNet Services’ project management methodologies and sophisticated mobility systems to develop excellence in the delivery of large number of programmes for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Bulk Electricity Meter Exchange
  • Current Transformer Testing & Visual Inspections
  • Customer Initiated Testing and Investigation
  • New High & Low Voltage Transformer Connected Installation
  • High and Low Voltage Transformer Connected Meter Injection Testing & Inspection
  • Installation of Type 1–4 Meters across the National Electricity Market
  • Low Voltage Current Transformer Testing
  • Electricity Metering Auditing Services
  • In-situ Compliance & Sample Testing Programmes
    • Meter disconnections, restrictions and reconnections
    • Site and equipment investigations, as well as on site meter reprogramming
    • Identification of irregular connections and equipment defects
    • Remote communications investigations and rectifications, including frequency testing, component replacement and installation

Meter Reading

Our dedicated team read many meters daily across nine electricity, gas and water networks.  We understand the importance of timely and accurate data provision in a safe and customer focussed environment. Today, our experience and technical knowledge set us apart from other service providers. We read 5.7 million electricity meters each year. It’s with efficiency and effectiveness that we manage these high volumes of data and continue to successfully deliver several of Australia’s largest and most complex meter reading contracts.

Our services include:

  • Multi-utility capability – electricity, water and gas
  • Large multi-state team dedicated to meter reading solutions (automated and manual)
  • 24 hour on call service capability
  • High accuracy GPS meter locating
  • Data logging
  • PDE photographic technology to help improve service delivery by clearly illustrating issues in the field
  • Dedicated contract management team, focused on customer service.

New Connections & Reconnections

Select Solutions provides tailored offerings to electricity utilities as well as large commercial / industrial customers encompassing the entire metering value chain. Our client services comprise of asset investigations, national metering identifier (NMI) and metering installation registration number (MIRN) discovery (Retail Transfer Queries), market transfer and commissioning of Complex and Current Transformer (CT) new connections.

Our field services include electricity ‘green field’ meter connections, service attachments, connection point management, additions and alterations.

Contestable Metering

Select Solutions is one of the largest providers of in-depth, timely and accurate energy management data for contestable meters throughout the National  Electricity Market (NEM). Our multi-disciplined team of specialists has a proven capability to manage high volumes of contestable meter data efficiently and effectively. As an Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) accredited industry leader, with significant experience and a strong track record in the provision of multi-utility data (electricity, gas, and water), our dedicated team understands the needs of our customers. With unrivalled experience and technical knowledge, choose Select Solutions for your complete contestable metering service needs.

Our extensive services include:

  • Multi-utility capability for electricity, gas and water
  • Meter provisioning (MP) services – meter asset planning, sourcing, installation, maintenance & management
  • Meter data provider (MDP) Services – remote polling of interval meters for wholesale, commercial & industrial customers
  • Sub-metering – tailored to accurately measure, monitor and manage energy consumption at a highly detailed level
  • UtiliView – online portal designed to capture and display a variety of information on energy and water consumption (
  • HV and LV testing – of current and voltage transformers to ensure responsible person’s compliance with national electricity rules


Select Solutions is one of Australia’s leading multi-utility metering solutions businesses. As a well established company operating for over 20 years, we understand that our customer’s needs are unique, which is why we offer individually tailored sub-metering and energy monitoring systems. This ensures that a reliable, robust platform is developed with which to accurately measure, monitor and manage energy consumption at a granular level, helping you manage your energy through smarter data.

Benefits of sub metering include:

  • Accurate energy usage data across the site
  • Measure, monitor & manage usage of key areas of the business
  • Compare usage data across multiple sites
  • Isolate the usage pattern of individual pieces of equipment
  • Provide intelligence for the development of energy management strategies

Select Solutions can provide everything from preparation of the meter board through to delivery of daily data.  Our expert team of experienced metering specialists will tailor a solution based on your business requirements and objectives.

Embedded Networks

Select Solutions specialises in developing customised solutions through the provision of embedded networks. An embedded network will benefit a variety of different business types, whether they be commercial buildings, high rise residential apartments, shopping centres or retirement villages, to name a few.

An embedded network can be viewed as a group of aggregated metered sites merged as a single meter for the purpose of obtaining a group retail contract, providing consumption data feeds for more accurate billing.

There are several benefits of installing an embedded network solution including:

  • The combined, aggregated consumption will entitle the network owner to negotiate an improved rate based on usage
  • It provides an ongoing saving on energy costs
  • It allows for a site to manage load and look for energy efficiency opportunities.

As a metering services provider, Select Solutions brings the experience of extensive metering capability and the provision of embedded network solutions. We work closely with a number of embedded network operators to support their customers in achieving a successful and sustainable solution for the metering of an embedded network.

HV CT and VT Testing

Select Solutions has the people, test equipment and capability to undertake field based NATA accredited High Voltage Current and Voltage Transformer Testing and Metering system testing services. These services are routinely undertaken for Electricity Market Participants and Industry. They establish the accuracy and performance of measuring equipment in the field to align with the requirements of the National Electricity Rules and AEMO.

Our services include:

  • High Voltage Current Transformer Testing
  • Voltage Transformer Testing
  • High Voltage Meter Testing
  • HV Metering System Inspection
  • Provision of NATA Test Certificates
  • Metering Test Data and Burden Analysis
  • Instrument Transformer Error Compensation.

LV CT Testing

Select Solutions has the staff, test equipment and capability to undertake field based Low Voltage Current Transformer Testing and Visual Inspection services. These services are routinely undertaken for Electricity Market Participants and Industry to establish the accuracy and performance of this type of measuring equipment in the field. Select Solutions has web portal access for customers to access test results & certificates.

Our services include:

  • Works Programme Management
  • Customer Notification and Appointment Management
  • Low Voltage Current Transformer Testing
  • Low Voltage Current Transformer Visual Inspections
  • Test Data Analysis
  • Test Certificates (also stored and available through a web portal)

Meter Data Provider Services (MDP)

As a leading multi-utility metering solutions business, our expertise lies in electricity meter data provisioning. Our services are provided in accordance with the National Electricity Rules and the AEMO service level requirements for accredited Meter Data Providers.

Select Solutions’ services include the daily collection, validation, substitution and delivery of market meter data to all required market participants. This is all completed through a remote polling of interval data meters for wholesale, commercial and industrial customers.

Meter Provider Category B Services (MPB)

As an AEMO accredited meter provider, our expertise lies in electricity meter provisioning, installation and maintenance services for type 1-4 connection points. Our services are provided in accordance with the National Electricity Rules and the AEMO service level requirements for accredited Meter Providers Category B. Select Solutions’ services include testing, commissioning, maintaining, metering cubicle manufacturing and assembly for wholesale, generator, transmission, distribution, commercial and industrial customers.


At Select Solutions, we provide you with more than just great service. We have developed one of the industry’s most advanced tools to help put you in control and help you save energy. ‘UtiliView’ is an online portal that captures and displays your business’ electricity consumption, with the freedom to access your data at anytime. Discover electricity usage patterns and understand and monitor your business’ electricity usage. Then use this information to maximise efficiencies and reduce utility costs. UtiliView even gives you the capability to personalise reports specific to your company’s requirements or to take part in ‘green initiatives’.

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