Select Solutions has built a team of field based metering technicians that have over 20 years of Gas network experience across both New South Wales and Victoria.

Gas authorities trust us for their gas meter maintenance. Our metering specialists are a dedicated team with significant experience. The team is well positioned to assist gas asset owners and their customers with a comprehensive range of meter related services. This is complimented with our strong understanding of the latest industry metering processes and systems.

We believe this gives Select Solutions a competitive edge in the gas industry. This is supported by an experienced back office team with a wealth of industry knowhow.

Gas Meter Installation

Select Solutions provide field metering technicians, warehouse facilities and call centre resources to enable private plumbers to obtain gas meters for installation.

Our experienced plumbers can book appointments to meet the Select Solutions meter technicians on site prior to the installation of the meter. Once on site, the technician makes an assessment of the meter set to confirm its compliance to the network based on the AS5601 standard. Effectively an audit is completed on every job and gives gas industry professionals the confidence that the meter set is compliant.

Select Solutions has also provided an Aged Gas Meter Replacement service to our clients, enabling our Gas technicians to attend a site and replace an existing gas meter and regulator if required, providing a level of confidence that these meter sets are also compliant to the distribution network.

Gas Meter Reading

The Select Solutions Meter Reading team understands the importance and challenges of reducing no-read rates whilst maintaining safety and customer performance priorities. The team has a proven capability to manage high volumes of network services efficiently and effectively, delivering several of Australia’s biggest and most complex essential network service contracts.

Select Solutions’ successful track record within the utility industry is in part due to its comprehensive end-to-end metering service provision.  In delivering these projects Select Solutions has developed a highly robust project delivery culture, including leveraging AusNet Services’ project management methodologies and systems to develop excellence in the delivery of large programmes of work for our clients.

Select Solutions has introduced photographic technology to PDE’s which allows meter readers to illustrate issues within the field. This, together with our access to data loggers, cyble meters and ability to access meter locations via GPS, ensures our 24 hour on call facility can be optimised to guarantee our service excellence.

Our meter reading services include:

  • Cyclic meter reading – automatic and manual
  • Meter disconnections, restrictions and reconnections
  • Off cycle meter reading and final meter reading
  • Site and equipment investigations
  • Identification of irregular connections and equipment defects
  • Provision of despatching services
  • Remote communications investigations and rectifications, including frequency testing, component replacement and installation
  • On site meter reprogramming