At Select Solutions, we are capably resourced with some 700 office, plumbing and other field personnel. We offer an extensive range of services and are renowned for providing innovative plumbing solutions for utility, commercial and residential customers. We focus on efficiency and put safety and legislative requirements first.

Our customers trust us to deliver professionally managed:

  • Plumbing asset maintenance projects;
  • Plumbing asset maintenance and installation services in schools and council premises under fixed-term contract arrangements; and
  • General plumbing services to the domestic and non-domestic customer segments.


Select Solutions delivers advanced asset inspection services to water authorities, councils and land developers, using state of the art CCTV technology as an important aspect for maintaining asset condition. Our recent procurement of the IBAK “Panoramo” CCTV Crawler and custom built support vehicle demonstrates our commitment to supporting customers in gaining further insights into the condition of their assets.

Through the acquisition of this CCTV inspection system, Select Solutions aims to build a strong reputation for delivering quality CCTV inspection services. This will be based on delivering quality data and being a valued and safe service provider to our customers in their endeavours to enhance the performance of their sewerage and drainage systems.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection systems are designed, monitored, and maintained as a cost effective means of preserving and controlling maintenance and replacement costs on underground metallic structures. Select Solutions is highly experienced in the design, installation, and commissioning of cathodic protection systems from sacrificial galvanic anodes to more complex auto-controlled impressed current systems. Correct system selection requires consideration of many factors including type of coatings, presence of stray currents, soil resistivity, proximity to nearby metallic structures, the availability of power supply and the economics of implementing the system. Our corrosion protection services include:

  • Cathodic Protection System design, Installation, Commissioning and Monitoring
  • Protection Level Monitoring / Potential Surveys
  • Corrosion Test Point Installation
  • Electrical/Continuity Fault Finding
  • Coating Defect Surveys (DCVG and Pearson)
  • Electrolysis/Stray Current Testing Services
  • Electrical Surge Protection

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